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Just a preview of what you can expect THIS SATURDAY at the PETG YMCA from 8pm-MIDNIGHT ….we just want to host a safe environment for the youth in our area (not just Petg), we need them to get to know each other so they won’t shoot each other in the future….we want to give your child something positive to experience during the hours that most of the foolishness is going on (8pm-MIDNIGHT)…we had a turn out of over 75 children and 50 volunteers, LETS DOUBLE THAT to show the world that we can come together in peace and positivity….-ages 12-17 boys AND GIRLS from ANYWHERE!!!! (NOT JUST FOR PETG)-parents MUST come in to sign their child in or they can not come in the Bldg and will be asked to leave, if it’s past the 11pm curfew then the police will take over …-we STILL need volunteers (show up by 7:30pm), REFEREES, mentors, biz owners, police, a DJ, SCs/MCs, Frats/Sorors, Concerned ppl, Church folks, oldheads and 80s babies from the community, $$$, parents, food, coaches, teachers, mentors, drinks, motivational speakers….SO THESE CHILDREN KNOW WE HAVE THEIR BACKS AND TO SHOW THEM SOME GUIDANCE….

Posted by Shahid Shabazz on Wednesday, February 24, 2016

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