What Programs and Services does AMBLP Provide?

AMBLP will provide the following services for all members:

(1) Exclusive use of the MBL name, logo, and trademark for each member chapter

(2) Training and technical support to all member chapters

(3) Computerized Case Management Tool.

(4) National Uniform Clearinghouse – Dixie Sporting Goods (BSN Sports) is the only company licensed to print the MBL logo and trademarks on uniforms and other paraphernelia.

(5) Public relations for all MBL Chapters

(6) Web Site recognition

(7) A national calendar of events and newsletter.

(8) Community Police Engagement Program

(9) The Kids Teamwork Club
      Playing It Safe!
      Children’s Safety Challenge Collection


Download Word Doc: Program Components

Other Supported Youth Programs and Services

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