Due to the Coronavirus (COVID 19 ) Pandemics. AMBLP/MBLP Recreation
Component ( The Midnight Basketball League Program has been put on
hold until further notice.)

AMBLP/MBLP is a year-round program. We are at home, but still up and
operating by ZOOM Video Conferencing and by phone. (925) 457-0757.
You can get an early start by visiting our Donation Page on our
website at www.amblp.com if you would like to make a donation.

Remember we have six components.

  • and RECREATION. ( Midnight Basketball League )

We are staying ahead of the game, preparing for going into THE NEW WORLD.
The PANDEMIC has created a new avenue for operation for AMBLP/ MBLP.

We have the time to prepare for whenever the USA open up. I am reaching out to all the CHAPTERS. LCGJr.

Keep this program alive by donating today.

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