Black History Month

Black History Month

This is Black History Month. I believe everyday and every month should be about Black History. I am going to share a little common Black History about two Black Men you know, but don’t their Black History. Even though there is a age gap, they similar Black History. Let’s look at their similar History.
Lawrence C. Gray, Jr. (Left) and Willie Hector, Jr. (Right)
Here we go.

-We both are named after our Fathers. We are both Juniors.
-We both was born in the South.
I was born in San Antonio, Texas .
Willie was born in New Iberia, La.
-We both were residents of Marin City, Ca.
-We both Graduated from Tamalpais High School in
Mill Valley, Ca.
-We both have Master’s Degrees
My Degree is in Education and Willie’s is in Physical Education.
-We have worked and coached at the same Junior College (CCSF)

As you know about it is a tough road when you are the First of anything. Here is the Real Black History Story.
Willie Hector, Jr. Was the First Black Varsity Head Football Coach in Marin County at Tamalpais High School in 1965.
Lawrence C. Gray, Jr.,Was the First Black Boys Varsity Head Basketball Coach in Marin County at Redwood High in 1980.

Just a little Black History about two Black Men who helped pave the way for some other Black Coaches in Marin County. Just some past history that I thought you wanted to know about the two of us. Remember everybody has a past. Remember also, The Key to the Future is the Knowledge of the Past.

Sticky Situations – Prevention of the School-to-Prison Pipeline

Sticky Situations – Prevention of the School-to-Prison Pipeline

PROGRAM GOALS – About Sticky Situations Program

Learn how the law can work for you instead of against you.

Learn how different culture and poverty-stricken groups

Engage young people in discussions surrounding the U.S. criminal justice system.

Participate in real-world learning activities to become more aware of U.S. criminal justice laws and citizen’s rights.

Cover topics ranging from sentencing guidelines and plea deals to understanding the police, warrants, and the difference in a misdemeanor and a felony.

Address issues such as how to behave when encountering police.

Develop students’ critical thinking, decision-making, and goal-setting skills and use these skills to position them for a successful future.

Provide young people with opportunities to take action and strive for a better life.


Krystal Banks


Krystal Banks, creator of the Sticky Situations curriculum

Detroit, MI ( — Social activist, author, and bail bonds owner Krystal Banks, for the first time ever, offers her curriculum-based program, Sticky Situations – Understanding the Law and Life Skills, as a way to help people push through the troubling times we are facing as a nation. In today’s climate, where anti-police sentiment is at the forefront of most of social media, it is essential that people understand the variances of the law, so that no more laws are broken or any more unnecessary lives are taken.

The Sticky Situation curriculum is currently being incorporated into schools and colleges, as it meets several of the Common Core Standards required by educational guidelines. The program features several in-person and virtual workshops and seminars, trivia card games, and an app component that allows users unfettered access to U.S. criminal justice laws and citizen’s rights.

The Sticky Situation curriculum covers a variety of topics including anger management, insurance law, financial/economic literacy, and entrepreneurship. These subjects, along with many more, are summarized under three branches: life skills, critical thinking skills, and goal-setting skills. This curriculum is the only program in the country that combines all three skill sets under one umbrella.

One critically important part of the program is the instruction that outlines how to handle interaction with law enforcement. This is the key component of what the program’s creator, Krystal Banks believes will help people be more responsible with their actions.

“The one thing that is missing in today’s society is the notion of accountability,” said Banks. “That goes for law enforcement and the people who are battling for their rights every day. No one wants to take accountability for their actions. With issues of racism being rampant, I created a system that explains why being accountable for your actions can give you a brighter future, and I created it in a fun and entertaining manner. We can all learn to work together to make our society a better place to live.”

Krystal has been invited to speak and teach about her program all over the country, as the program itself has become one of the most requested seminars at educational organizations across the nation. Each presentation lasts between one and three hours and can be attended by attendees of any age.

For more information about the Sticky Situations – Understanding the Law and Life Skills program, contact Krystal Banks at 810-650-9141 or by email at Visit the website at

A Pitch for Success – Partnership with AMBLP

By incorporating Digital Motion Analysis along with 3D Motion Analysis in training sessions, the Mike Norris Baseball Academy looks to be the most progressive baseball academy in Northern California. Our list of services includes baseball lessons, fastpitch lessons, hitting instruction, pitching instruction, regular baseball classes, and baseball camps, summer baseball camps, travel teams, and affordable baseball equipment in our online store!

Founder Mike Norris of the Mike Norris Baseball Academy

Mike, a renowned pitcher, along with his all-star staff made up of ex-Major League Players, has the burning desire to bring MLB quality instruction to today’s youth. Recently, Mike Norris was inducted to the San Francisco’s Prep High School Hall of Fame. Mike’s on the field accomplishments led to the off-field creation of the Mike Norris Baseball Academy. “Being a renowned pitcher, along with my All-Star staff made up of Ex-Major Leaguers has the burning desire to bring MLB quality instruction to today’s youth”. MNBA mission is to offer state of the art technology to help today’s youth accomplish their goals on and off the field.

AMBLP is proud to partner up with A pitch for success and offers one more opportunity for today’s youth programs.



Dr. Anita Jack-Davies, an academic and cross-cultural expert with over 20 years of experience in training and instruction, has launched Badges2Bridges – an online program that trains police officers on race, racism, and anti-Black racism.

Dr. Jack-Davies, who is also an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Department of Cultural Geography at Canada’s prestigious Queen’s University, has designed her program to be offered as a Zoom webinar (2 hours) or live interactive training with uniformed and command staff.

The invaluable training program is customized to meet the various needs of police departments all across the country. Currently, the program is training officers on the topic of race, racism, and anti-Black racism. Other topics are available including “Policing African American Communities.”

Here are some of the benefits:

* Staff will gain confidence when working Black and other racialized communities.

* Officers will be better prepared to de-escalate tense interactions based on cultural misunderstandings or miscues.

* Learners will gain increased confidence with community-based policing and during home visits, traffic stops, highway stops, and other face-to-face interactions.

For more details about the program, call 613-453-9534 or visit their official web site at

About the founder
Dr. Anita Jack-Davies is an academic and cross-cultural expert with over 20 years of experience in training and instruction. A sought after trainer, she teaches part-time as an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Department of Geography and Urban Planning at Queen’s University.

She is a Qualified Administrator of the Intercultural Development Inventory, an instrument designed to assess the cultural competence of employees. A certified Mediator, Dr. Jack-Davies takes a personal approach to workplace diversity by creating solutions for clients that are based on the unique cultures of each workplace.


You can read more about the program of Bages2Bridges Here.

Free Firefighter’s ABC’s Online Internship Program

Free Firefighter’s ABC’s Online Internship Program

Let’s support the youth of your community to join this 100% Free Firefighter’s ABC’s Online Internship Program.

We need more diversity in the fire service.

Please each on reach one – mentor one female and one male high school through post college to join.


I hope our many 100% free support tools on our site will be shared by you with anyone seeking a career in the fire service and most of all please share with others in your network nationwide and kindly ask them to share.

Firefighter’s ABC’s also created a few videos related to diversity:

Please feel free to share with the youth in your community.

If you find them useful please subscribe to our YouTube page and share with others in the fire service or other community organizations.

Most of us dream of a career but seldom do we know how to make our dreams become a reality.

Similar is the process for aspiring Firefighters and Emergency Medical Service candidates.

Many wish to be part of an honored profession such as the Fire Service or EMS field but don’t know where or how to start.

I am sure many of the youth in your community face the same situation.

Thus, FFABC’s was founded in 1999 to offer diverse and otherwise untapped job seekers resources and tools to streamline these efforts to enter this desired career field.

I thank you in advance.

Russell Hayden Founder

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