Bowie, Maryland

Association Midnight Basketball League Program

Contact Information for Bowie, Maryland AMBLP Program

Sunni Lovelace – CEO/President
Karen Standifer ( Founder’s Daughter –in-Law)
(Founder’s Assistant ( 1986) in the NAMBL)


MBL of Glen Arden, Md.
807 Lake Shore Drive
Bowie, Md. 20721

The Parenting Tool Kit
14907 Downey Court
Bowie, MD. 20721

Contact Info
(301) 925-1986 w
(301) 278- 7024 h
(204) 462- 1704 c
(240) 245-4611 w
(240) 305- 0252 c

About Us

Established June 20, 2010

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