Fort Worth, Texas

Association Midnight Basketball League Program

Contact Information for Ft. Worth, Texas AMBLP Program

Rev. Kyev Tatum, Sr.  Commissioner,
Kyev Tatum Ministries
Ft. Worth, Texas Midnight Basketball League Program


8717 Garden Springs Drive
Suite 100
Ft. Worth, Texas 76123

Contact Info
(817) 966 – 7625

About Us

Headed up By Rev. Kyev Tatum, of Tatum Ministries , and assisted by Mr. Willie Davis, and the Chapter of the Retired NBA Players Association. (Legends)

Established August 22, 2017

The Alternative. The Fort Worth Midnight Basketball League Program (FWMBLP).

No Workshop No Jump Shot!

Latest AMBLP National News

Black History Month

This is Black History Month. I believe everyday and every month should be about Black History. I am going to share a little common Black History about two Black Men you know, but don’t their Black History. Even though there is a age gap, they similar Black History....

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