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The ENGAGEMENT PROGRAM is designed to strengthenthe relationships between Law Enforcement, Communit CBO’s, Community, Young Adults, and Youth in the WesternAddition/ Fillmore Area of San Francisco, California as a Pilot Program. Then into every Police District in San Francisco.

The Program seeks to:
Take the Humanistic Approach. Everybody is a Human Being before they are anything else. It doesn’t matter what color you are, race, nationality, job title, etc. We Bleed the same color Blood, no matter what we do in life. We are Human Beings first. Bring back the RESPECT FACTORS into our community. Show Respect for Authority Figures in our community, and Authority Figures showing Respect for the community. (people that live in the community) Trust is a Factor also.

Get everybody, “ On One Accord ”. Common Ground/Same Page. Working together for one Common Goal? Collaborations between Law Enforcement and Community. Bring Peace and Harmony to the Community, by working together as one. Inter- Acting Activities between Law Enforcement and Community. ACCOUNTABILITY. Everybody will be held ACCOUNTABLE for their ACTIONS. Working through Anger Management Issues in our community with referrals to Mental Health CBO’s in the community.

The Engagement Program is put together to Eliminate some of the ACTIONS that have taken place in cities such as Ferguson, Missouri, and Baltimore, Maryland, between Law Enforcement, Community, Young Adults, and Youth. Engagement Program will deal with INTERVENTION, PREVENTION, not AFTERVENTION. Why do something have to happen, before we deal with it? AFTERVENTION!!!. If we deal with INTERVENTION and PREVENTION, there is no need for AFTERVENTION.

Agreed or Dis-Agreed?
Coming Together “ On One Accord ”, we want to DISMISS this MYTH, “ This is what happen, When you call the Cops, Get’s your Rights Violated, or You Get Shot ”.

Get more Positive Interactions between Law Enforcement, Community, and Young Adults/Youth. Young Adults/Youth participating in Community Planning Activities. Categorize the (Community) perceptions of Law Enforcement as Positive, Neutral, or Negative ? Strengthening the RELATIONSHIP between Law ENFORCEMENT, COMMUNITY, and YOUNG ADULTS/YOUTH.

HOW ??
Collaborations with Law Enforcement, CBO’s, and Community Leaders. Functions, and Events involving the Whole Community.(Dances, Basketball Games, Field Trips, Fishing trips, and other activities that Law Enforcement and CBO’s will be involved in or sponsors. Team Committees with Law Enforcement sitting on these Teams as an active participant. Law Enforcement, Community, and CBO’s involved in the Junior Midnight Basketball League Program, Ages 13-17 ( AKA) Henderson Program, Named after SFPD Officer Larry Henderson. We need Coaches, Officials, Workshop Speakers, and Parent Support.

Grant Writers, and Private, and Corporate Funding.

About Us

Established June 1, 2004

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Rev. Erris Edgerly – Executive Director


Brothers For Change, Inc.
San Francisco, CA. Midnight Basketball League Program
1261 Golden Gate Avenue, Apt. 711, San Francisco, Ca. 94115 (628) 243-2324 Office

Contact Info
(415) 525-0851 Cell

REMEMBER: An Ounce of CURE, IS Worth a Pound Of PREVENTION

Contact: Lawrence C. Gray, Jr.
CEO/President – AMBLP, Inc.
(925) 457-0757 c

Capt. Con Johnson
SFPD – Night Shift
(415) 759-3100 w.

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